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Our Founder

Ebony McQueen-Harris, is an advocate + consultant + thought leader for minority and women-owned businesses and organizations who support such entities.  She has consulted with over 90 small businesses and nonprofits helping to create pathways to business sustainability and access to opportunities.  

What We Do

Levels Consulting is a values-driven business consulting firm.  Our core work focuses on the education and equipping of businesses and organizational leadership within the context of Strategic Planning + Executive Leadership Development + Business Development.

As a result we've increased diversity in business activities and within the participation of minority-owned and women-owned businesses in organizational support programs and contracts.

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News & Publications

February 2018

Cornell University Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
Founder + Principal Consultant...Ebony McQueen-Harris leans in with Cornell students with a seminar: Foundation | Culture | Power: Bricklaying Your Business.  Ebony shared with students why the adoption of core values within business is the sustainer of both a business and a team.

Executive Leadership Development

November 2017

Ignite Northside 2.0 Pitch Competition.  Principal Consultant, Ebony McQueen-Harris speaks with pitch competition participants. 

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